My recommended Links

MadTV Blog: My sons blog, well worth reading
Nedfulthings: Andrea's blog - Sublime poetry and brilliant writing
Hinkybox: The clever guy behind WBA's new site.
The World Of Screetus: Comic interludes
Paper Sack Lifetime: Snippets of life
Rag & Bone Shop: Excellent writing about life
Nurse Ratchett's Alter Ego: Disarmingly honest and humorous
Sarcasmo's Corner: Delightfully witty
CSS Zen Garden: Beautiful site design using CSS
Crocodile Tears: Hilarious writing and a novel in progress
Writing Desk Of The Scribe: Thoughts on writing
A Little Bit Rusty: A Bright New Talent
The Bamboo Bell: Thoughts From A Christian In China
This Is Not For You... A Christian perspective on life
Splitting Hairs Reloaded: High quality writing
Fictional Perspectives: All about fiction
Writer's Blog: Creative writing: fiction
Prying1: A Christian view of life and politics
Larimer Art: Excellent artwork
The Writers Buzz: Everything about writing
Another Man's Meat: Good writing on a variety of subjects
Problogger: Everything there is to know about blogging
Scotwise: Clear thoughts on what Christianity means to us
Thirty Stories Up: Good writing on all things blog-related
Unburned Pieces of the Mind: Wisdom and good writing
Letting Me Be: Delightfully whimsical writing
The Y Logs: Excellent thoughts on writing
Get Fuzzy: The best daily comic
All Kinds of Writing: Thoughts on writing
Writesville: More thoughts on writing
Enter the Laughter Redeux: Humorous writing from a great lady
Perplexed but not in Despair: Well written perspectives on Christian living
F1 Insight: Informed comment on events in Formula 1 racing
Rollo's News-sense: Rollo tells it as it is
Minding Your Money: Personal finance in the States
Music Geeks: Thoughts on popular music
Why Keep Dogs and Bark Myself?: A mommy blog with bite!
G.A.L.S. - Get It All for Less: Shopping bargains for the ladies
Global Warming Trends: The facts about global warming
Ontheroad: Info on travel items to buy

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