MadTV: copyright and disclaimer

All images and copy on MadTV, unless otherwise noted, are the sole copyright of MadTV and it's creator Matthew Allen.

*Phew* that's the serious bit out of the way. Anything else you see here is free for anyone's use. All code is open for copying and adapting. Whether it be XHTML, CSS, JavaScript or any other code please help yourselves. It would be nice if you'd give me a mention on your site but no problem if you don't.

I used other sources in building this site. The layout was adapted from's example layouts. The Date stamp JavaScript was adapted from's example JavaScripts. The XHTML/CSS buttons came from Antipixel and were adapted a little to fit my site. Many site's influence my code and style, too many to mention but of particular note is A List Apart and it's prime mover Jeffery Zeldman. If you do wish to use an image you see on my site give me a shout, I'll probably let you have it anyway ...