The latest site I've done is, Jack is a well known voice over professional and I must say the nicest client I can imagine working for.

I've been working on a layout for a friend of mine who has a personal trainer business, have a look at her site here
The layout I did for her was based on an earlier design that I did while I was still with Listers, which is here.

The biggest project has been the automation of my blog system. Firstly to get it all running off my SQL database. Then to add functionality to the blogs, such as pagination and commenting. I have also added an RSS news feed to the site. Please if you encounter any bugs or problems with the blog system give me a shout with the "Contact" link in the navigation.

Here's a layout prototype I did for a friend. It's a for a small firm that bends wood for spiral staircase hand rails. It's my first three column layout.

The new XHTML/CSS design has been up for a long time now and has been refined to some extent. It seems to be doing well and people have praised it. Plus I'm pleased with how well it works on the database driven pages. So the next redesign is not yet imminent.

I wrote an article on SEO, go have a read if you're interested in search engine ranking. Please, if anyone notices any mistakes or anything that's just plain wrong give me a shout. SEO is one of those black arts that people don't like to talk about so I may well have unwitting mistakes.

About three years ago I did a very quick demonstration micro-site for a company called Brooklyn Ribbon and bow. It's here as an interesting exercise, it took maybe two evenings.

I've resuscitated an old Forge Ahead layout for portfolio reasons. Please note the non-validating html etc. If I ever did something like that again it would be coded completely differently.

Fancy a game? this is a Flash version of Asteroids (Madsteroids lol) built for a 5k competition in my web design community. It is almost exactly 5k.

One of my pleasures has been building icons, both windows system icons and web "favicons" I've zipped a few of my latest ones and put 'em up for free download.

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