I am so ancient you wouldn't believe. Although I was born in England, I grew up in Africa, married and had a kid (Mad) there, before returning to England in 1976. Two more kids (Boogie and Pootle) arrived in the next few years and I had a variety of jobs, wrote a book (The Gabbler's Testament, no, not published yet). I emigrated to the States in September, 2004, and now live in Massachusetts.

The Blog

This began as an email to my kids telling them of the journey to America and my new home. My son, Mad, suggested he put it on his website as an online journal and so the Gone Away blog was born on October 3rd, 2004.

Since that time the blog has grown to include much more than thoughts about my American experience. At first, general thoughts started to intrude and then memories of Africa and England. These days just about anything goes, with one exception. Don't look to me for links to other sites as an excuse for a blog. I blog what I think and that's all.

Please feel free to comment or engage in discussion with others who comment. That's what it's all about.

Gone Away (aka The Chameleon, Wyrfu, the Cham, Aghorri Dan, Clive Allen)

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