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Did I Hear You Say?

It's of an old friend
Or enemy
An ever-present (once)

Fear of what?
You ask
And why that once
In parentheses?

Does fear need a name?
Oh I gave it one
When it tried to rule
And I stared into pitiless eyes
Can you know that?
Have you been frozen
In motionless time
Unable to move
Or speak
While that we call I
The nameless
For sanity?

Well I won
You see
A hard time it was
But I won

It is no small thing to be I
Awareness brings its own responsibility
It runs in the family


Is that a poem? If it is, it's the first I've done in thirty years...


Ack! Poetry on MY website! *Pulls the plug* :>
Date Added: 10/12/2004

Gone Away
Hey, I didn't say it WAS poetry... :D
Date Added: 10/12/2004

Now boys, now now. I stopped by, looking for oars, yet twain I did naught did see. Have some patience, way-to-mad. Permit unctuosity.
Date Added: 10/12/2004

Gone Away
Oiliness huh? Guess Way didn't think much of the poem or whatever it was. ROFLOL
Date Added: 10/12/2004

I dunno, I keep thinking of Patrick McGoohan in the The Prisoner when I read it. You aren't really Patrick McGoohan are you?
Date Added: 11/12/2004

Gone Away
Well I don't think I am.....is he still alive? But I know what you mean. ;)
Date Added: 11/12/2004

You could have mentioned you'd put this up! I just found it as I wanted to peruse comments. Maybe I'm just mad (no, wait-- I'm Hannah) but I like it. I admit it's not in the same league with Ned's work, but we can't all be at the top of the ladder-- damn thing would fall over, and we'd all be killed. I'm interpreting this poem in several ways. Thanks to a certain chat, I'm interpreting it in another way, which I wouldn't have seen before last night, so I suppose it's just as well I didn't know the poem was here. I do actually enjoy poetry that can be taken several ways-- anything that causes my to think is good. So in my eyes, the poem is a success. Anyone who doesn't agree, gets eaten!
Date Added: 12/12/2004

Gone Away
You have found me out, Hannah. I don't write poetry, I merely put down thoughts in such a way that they can't be understood...by most people...well, I HOPE by most people. And I don't mind too much about those who do understand - they must be as insane as I am to do so, surely. It seems to me that poetry is really in the business of putting emotion on paper and I'm lousy at that. :D
Date Added: 12/12/2004

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