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"The time has come," the walrus said... After sorting out a few glitches, the new F1 blog is ready to go live and does so today. There are still some features that won't be implemented until this coming weekend (Mad is away until Friday) but the basics are working fine. I have written a more detailed explanation of what works and what doesn't and posted it on the blog. All the F1 posts on Gone Away have been copied to it so there's some extra reading matter if you missed any. I haven't been able to copy the comments over but they will remain here on the Gone Away blog if you need to refer to them.

Honda FA107

The blog is called F1 Insight and I hope you enjoy it even more than previous efforts. To have a look, click here.


You know... I am an avid watcher of F1 on TV... Over the years I have mourned and cheered along with countless others that 'The Fun' of it has gone. Nevertheless I still watch. And with the watching I sense that the 'Spirit' has gone. This happened when the BBC lost the rights to cover the racing and Commercial Enterprise (ITV) entered the frayand dear old Bernie made a name for himself. The cynic in me sees beyond the personalities... Not sure what slot I fit into... I like to see a Good race. The battles between Aarton Senna & Nigel Mansell did it for me. Though Nigel had a dull personality, he Could race with the best. Aarton was a supremely gifted driver and Williams never recovered from the loss somehow. I never bought into the Michael Schumaker thing, because he was lucky enough to have the best car and there was no one around to hold him in check. He was ruthless and knew how to use tactics to his own advantage. I am opinionated, but I am purely a watcher of racing. I agree that overtaking is (it seems) a thing of the past. I also agree that there are many aspects of F1 that should be embraced, or changed. Technology being one of them. After all that is what it has always been about. A given number of teams who can engineer a car to perform on the day. With Drivers who know what to do to achieve that prize that awaits. I may use the girly method but there we are, I just like to see a good race. Keep up the good words. afc
Date Added: 07/06/2007

Gone Away
Thanks, Fractal - the days when the BBC covered the races are like a golden age now. They may not have covered the practice and qualifying sessions but the races were brought to us in full, without advertising breaks, and Murray Walker's commentary may have been over-excitable and error-laden but we could count on James Hunt to deflect his wilder moments. Ayrton was a great driver and a great man - I don't think we will see his like for another generation.
Date Added: 07/06/2007

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