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Just Renewed My Artistic Licence...

Yesterday I was complimented for this sentence in the Journal: "I fingered the event for days before, until it was as dog-eared as a favorite book." I admitted immediately that the idea was stolen from another author; but could not give proper accreditation since I don't remember where I read it.

This morning my son, Mad (AKA the Bubaker), and I had a conversation that touched on this matter of the theft of ideas. Rather than attempt a complete re-hash of the thing, I will put an edited version below (edited because we tend to talk on two subjects at once - I have removed the other subject, that's all).

thebubaker: when you have time I'll show you the prettiest site on the net
gone_away_2000: Thanks
gone_away_2000: Won't be long now
gone_away_2000: Okay. I am at your disposal
thebubaker: you may have seen it before... but this guy blows my mind
thebubaker: http://alazanto.org/
thebubaker: so purty
thebubaker: I wish I were that good
gone_away_2000: Very nice
gone_away_2000: If a tad arty
thebubaker: it's so clever
gone_away_2000: You see the clever code - I don't
thebubaker: the floats ... drop shadows... textures
thebubaker: damn he's good
gone_away_2000: Yes I saw those
thebubaker: yeah the CSS is poetry
gone_away_2000: All in good time Mad - your approach is a little different but in your own way you are as good
thebubaker: *faints*
gone_away_2000: There are many sites like his on the net
thebubaker: nah
thebubaker: but one day
thebubaker: I've never seen another like that
gone_away_2000: It's almost a fashion in the arty farty world
thebubaker: Hmmm
gone_away_2000: I look at arty sites occasionally
gone_away_2000: The fonts and squiggles - so passé
thebubaker: lol
gone_away_2000: Little sign of true adventure and daring - great coding but not much design originality
thebubaker: you really should hang out with my lot more
gone_away_2000: Yeah?
thebubaker: yeah... you sounded like Three for a moment
gone_away_2000: Tasteful, I admit
gone_away_2000: LOL Yeah right
gone_away_2000: And the colors - they're almost stock for an arty site
gone_away_2000: Oooh the guy can't spell too
thebubaker: he can't?
gone_away_2000: No - whither instead of wither Hahahaha
gone_away_2000: Alazanto really is a spelling joke....
gone_away_2000: Entelechial instead of intellectual? ROFLOL
gone_away_2000: He talks BS too
thebubaker: I didn't actually READ the copy on alazanto
thebubaker: I just went "ooooohhh ahhhhh"
gone_away_2000: Seriously, this Alazanto guy is a BS merchant - just a coder with unlikely ambitions
thebubaker: so purteeeee
gone_away_2000: Seen plenty of sites just as good
thebubaker: what's he goin' on about?
gone_away_2000: Difficult to see through the BS - I think it's just a blog
thebubaker: ahhh
gone_away_2000: Never be overawed - take lessons where required and know that no man has it all
gone_away_2000: I stole the dog-eared event BTW
gone_away_2000: As an example
gone_away_2000: Artists are allowed to do that
thebubaker: yeah I guess
gone_away_2000: Stealing is not only allowed, it's expected - a form of compliment, a homage even
thebubaker: we are allowed to "borrow" it's true
gone_away_2000: It's true - you know all those great classical symphonies?
gone_away_2000: They're all based on folk tunes
thebubaker: really?!
gone_away_2000: Yes
thebubaker: bloody hell
gone_away_2000: College professors make a living by going through TS Eliot's poems and indentifying his sources
gone_away_2000: It doesn't detract from the greatness of his poetry
thebubaker: and Old Bill Shakey borrowed every classical storyline from Cicero etc
gone_away_2000: You see, it's true
gone_away_2000: Very little is new under the sun - it's all in how you combine it
thebubaker: true true
gone_away_2000: What I like about your site is its clean and (apparently) effortless design
gone_away_2000: There's no BS there
thebubaker: simple... it is
gone_away_2000: Unless you count my page
thebubaker: PFFFT
thebubaker: But it's simple cause I didn't dare add more in case I broke it
gone_away_2000: Matters not - you use what you know to its greatest advantage
gone_away_2000: No man knows everything
thebubaker: aww shucks
thebubaker: thankee Dad
gone_away_2000: We do what we can within our limits and learn as fast as we can
thebubaker: yup
gone_away_2000: Just the truth Mad
gone_away_2000: Having seen Alazanto's site, you can mimic him, if that's your desire
thebubaker: I couldn't do his graphical style anywhere near as well
gone_away_2000: But the real trick is to take what you really like and use it with other things so that no-one can see your indebtedness
thebubaker: but the code? yeah I reckon
thebubaker: Like my white borders
gone_away_2000: Yes
thebubaker: they're inspired by another site
gone_away_2000: Yes, you see what I mean
gone_away_2000: Hmmmm I think you may have given me some blog material
thebubaker: yeah? Kewl
gone_away_2000: I shall save this


And I stand by my assertion to my dear wife recently, that the best damn layout to come down the pike (the pike runs along side the infamous tube, where things are always going down)was Playboy. Boys, boys...I mean the text layout. Crikey. (what in the hell are ya'll talking about anyway? Isn't this Ebay?)
Date Added: 01/12/2004

Gone Away
Funny, I don't remember the text layout...
Date Added: 01/12/2004

Okay. So I lied.
Date Added: 01/12/2004

My dear sweet Mad... How can "your white borders" be inspired from another website??? When you were showing me the roughs of your new redesign, don't you recall that I suggested using white? That's neither here nor there, just a reminder:P
Date Added: 15/12/2004

Uh-oh caught out! In that case it's the thickness of the borders that was "inspired" from another designer and all credit to you for the white suggestion :D
Date Added: 15/12/2004

Gone Away
Hi Katie :)

Could white borders be the boundaries of a Canadian farm in winter?
Date Added: 15/12/2004

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