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Ok yes, I know, I know, It's been a while but I've been err busy. I've done a micro-site for a firm called "Brooklyn Ribbon and Bow" to try and get a job with 'em. *Fingers crossed* I also spent a week in London doing a Dreamweaver course which was fun, didn't learn much I didn't know but I love having a little holiday in London. Looks like web accessibility is becoming more of an issue in this country too. There's good article on A list apart about the new UK laws on web accessibility.

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Your dedication to staying informed, evident in your awareness of the evolving landscape of web accessibility, showcases your commitment to creating inclusive digital experiences. Keep up the great work, and fingers crossed for a positive outcome!
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It sounds like you've been busy honing your skills, between the Dreamweaver course in London and staying updated on web accessibility. It's great to see your dedication to both professional growth and staying informed about industry trends. Thanks for sharing your experiences and insights!
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Sounds like you've been busy! Creating a micro-site for Brooklyn Ribbon and Bow sounds like a great opportunity. Fingers crossed for the job! And a week in London for a Dreamweaver course sounds like a fun way to learn. It's interesting to see the growing importance of web accessibility, especially with new UK laws coming into play. Thanks for sharing!
Date Added: 04/04/2024

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Building a micro-site for Brooklyn Ribbon and Bow sounds like an exciting project, and I'm rooting for you to land the job! A week in London for a Dreamweaver course sounds like a fantastic way to enhance your skills. It's intriguing to see the increasing emphasis on web accessibility, especially with new UK laws on the horizon. Thanks for sharing your experiences!
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It's great to hear you're keeping busy and taking steps towards your career goals! The Dreamweaver course in London must have been a nice break, even if it didn't teach you much new. Web accessibility is indeed a growing and important issue.
Date Added: 17/06/2024

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