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British MotoGP race results
Full results here.

Today's race was a tale of two tyres. Bridgestone and Michelin.

On the sodden tarmac at the start of the race the Michelins shone but as the track gradually dried out the Bridgestones got the upper hand. Rossi's rear tyre was visibly shredding by the end of the race. The starting line up had Michelins at the front but if we look at the final results only a few Michelin shod bikes remained at the front (essentially just the Yamahas).

There were several very impressive rides today. Stoner really did impress me, more than he ever has before. The way he came up the field spoke of top level ability and raw determination. It's interesting to compare his race to Capirossi's.

Anthony West was amazing on the Kwaker I thought, for a first MotoGP race he looked like an old hand till he binned it but even then he managed to get back onto the track and back into the points. I'm looking forward to seeing what he can do with the Green meanie for the rest of the season.

Edwards had the best ride I've seen him have for ages. He rode a calm collected and fast race, I was disappointed when he let Stoner past because I'd love him to win a race but Casey was just too fast.

Again Vermulen showed his ability in the wet. Great ride and a second podium, I bet he prays for rain on a weekly basis.

Hopkins at times looked incredibly fast seemed to lose his edge as the race went on, a fifth is credible but we know he's capable of so much more. His firs win must come this year, surely!?

Good ride by De Puniet, consistent and solid.

Poor old Hayden, he was going so well and then he binned it. He needed something from this weekend but it just wasn't meant to be.

So how about Rossi? I actually felt a sorry for Rossi this weekend for the first time ever, he just had no answer to Stoner and his tyres letting him down is becoming a rather familiar story.

Finally I am convinced: This could well be Stoner and Ducati's year.

Yes, if Ducati can win at Donington, they can win anywhere. That guy Stoner has to be good - he's so much quicker than Capirossi. And I'm just happy when a Duc wins.

Sounds to me as though that feller West is one to watch. He may have thrown it at the scenery but was going very quickly and gaining places at the time.

Rossi is brilliant - not only because he can ride like a magician but also because he takes defeat like a man.
Date Added: 24/06/2007

All points I agree with on Dad. I'm sad to see the season slipping away from Rossi but, hey, gotta love them Ducatis.
Date Added: 25/06/2007

Feel sorry for Rossi? Hardly.

Perhaps if he stops his whinging about his tyres, but as usual people are only happy if they are winning. Despite being an exceptional rider, he is no different whilst losing.

karTER- BIG Biaggi fan...
Date Added: 25/06/2007

Yup, sorry for him. It seems his luck has deserted him. To be champion not only do riders need huge skill but also providence must smile on them. It's hard to watch the best racer in the world lose because somehow something always goes wrong (and when it all does go right well that damn Stoner's on a faster bike lol!)
Date Added: 26/06/2007

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