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MotoGP Barcelona Race Results
Full results here.

Man what a race! As the one of the commentators said that had the best three corners I've ever seen in motorsport. It was a race filled with top flight battling for position from the start.

As the flag dropped Capirossi came up the pack like they were standing still. Great performance from him I thought, He got up to sixth by the end of the race from a start position of seventeenth. Maybe he'll start to click with the Duc 800 now?

The Kawaski (that's such a good looking bike) of De Puniet got sucked back down the field at the beginning but he managed to hold onto a very respectable fifth place.

So how about my favourites, Rossi and Hopkins? Rossi and Hopkins had their usual battle and then came up behind Pedrosa in second and Stoner in first. Rossi had a great fight with Pedrosa which gained him second and then he hauled in Stoner. This set up the most exciting racing I've ever seen. Rossi battling to get past Stoner and Stoner doing everything in his power to keep him back. To add even more tension Pedrosa was hovering behind the battle looking for an opportunity for himself. After a huge dogfight Rossi got ahead but the Stoner's Ducati's straightline speed took Casey back into first. The racing was so close it looked like they were going to touch any second. Three corners had the front three so close you could have a put a sheet over them. Stoner's ride was excellent I must say, the same guy last year would have chucked it in the kitty litter under the same kind of pressure as he was under today. But here's the rub - Rossi is faster, the only reason Stoner beat him was the Ducati's horsepower advantage.

Hopkins put in the fastest lap of the race and achieved a very creditable fourth, give that a guy a little more speed and he'll be challenging for first place week after week. It amazes me what he gets out of the Suzuki GSVR.

Which brings me to my next point - the widening of the competition. In the top five there was a bike from every Japanese manufacturer and from Ducati. It's great to see.

Roll on Castle Donington!

Gone Away
Sounds like it was a classic. Funnily enough, Barcelona produces the most boring F1 GPs of the lot - obviously, circuit requirements are different for bikes.

MotoGP has the ingredients of all good racing this year: a good rider on the fastest bike and the best rider on a good bike. The result is always good battle and that's what you're getting. Lucky blighter!
Date Added: 10/06/2007

MotoGP has been so good since I started watching it that's it's spoilt F1 for me I think.
Date Added: 10/06/2007

sorry I've been absent, Mad. Too much happening here in Minnesota, and the riding season clock is ticking...

It's an absolute shame that our local cable operator doesn't record all these races to sell to us during our cold, dark season. I would be one of their suckers... er, I mean, happy consumers.

But at least I know what's going on when I read your blog here. Thanks again for covering this for us.

Now, get out there and ride, and then tell us about it... please?

It would be nice to read about your own riding experiences again.

Thanks, and...

Ride well,
Date Added: 16/06/2007

Hey Gary!

I'm glad you appreciate my MotoGP posts. As for posting more about my riding I know I should but I usually forget.

I do have something very worthwhile to post about though. Next Tuesday I'm going on a road test with BIKe magazine. It's a test of naked middleweight bikes, although exactly which ones I'm not sure. I'm guessing Honda Hornet, Yamaha FZ6, Suzuki GSR600, Kawasaki Z750 and I'm praying for an Aprilia Shiver 750 in the line up. I'll definitely write my day up and a miracle might happen and I might remember my camera!
Date Added: 16/06/2007

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heed the warning ;)
Date Added: 20/06/2007

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