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MotoGP Jerez race results
Well it was Rossi's day today. He stamped his authority on the Spanish circuit leading the race all the way from an early overtake on the pole sitter Pedrosa. He stuffed it up the inside of the little Spaniard and stayed ahead of him, gradually lengthening his lead lap by lap. Pedrosa stayed in second for the whole race, never really threatening Rossi and never being threatened himself.
Edwards on the second Yamaha tool a respectable third place. It was good to see him doing well, he seemed to struggle last year apart from at Assen.
The best battling of the race took place behind the number three position. Fourth was Toni Elias, then Casey Stoner who early in the race fell back several postions but fought his way back up the field to fifth. Behind him was Carlos Checa who also seemed to have a reversal of fortunes at the end of the race.
Behind him was Hayden in seventh, he seemed to be having a hard time at the end of the race (tyres?), he dropped from fourth back to seventh.
Behind Hayden came Melandri, Vermuelen, Nakano, Alex Barros and then Capirossi (what's going on with Capirex he's had two poor results now?).
Poor old Hopkins had a great race right up till he fought his way into fourth place by getting past Hayden. He then lowsided off. Trying just a tad too hard I think. Shame, he was looking great right up until then, he got back on and continued to circulate in last place.

Full Final results:
1. Valentino ROSSI
3. Colin EDWARDS
4. Toni ELIAS
5. Casey STONER
6. Carlos CHECA
7. Nicky HAYDEN
10. Shinya NAKANO
11. Alex BARROS
13. Randy DE PUNIET
14. Makoto TAMADA
15. Sylvain GUINTOLI
16. Kenny ROBERTS JR
17. Kousuke AKIYOSHI
18. Olivier JACQUE
19. John HOPKINS


Felt really sorry for Hopkins but not as bad as his pit crew did- the collective looks in the Suzuki area said it all.

However, very pleased for a certain Mr Edwards; about time he had a podium and whilst he won't be a title contender I hope he gets stronger from this result.

Still miss Biaggi, mind. :(
Date Added: 25/03/2007

Yeah I was very pleased for Edwards.

So sad for Hopo, me and my little bro shout for him all the way through every race. I think he's our favourite rider.

Biaggi? Who? :P
Date Added: 25/03/2007

Hopkins is beginning to grow on me, actually the whole GP thing is, and it's all your fault BBM!!!

Well you and others on Bike!
Date Added: 26/03/2007

That's blame I'm happy to have pointed at me Mav :D
Date Added: 26/03/2007

Gone Away
So it was true - the Ducatis aren't going to win every race... :(
Date Added: 26/03/2007

I did warn you that they'd be slower at other circuits Dad but don't worry there are other races they wil win.
Date Added: 26/03/2007

I was just readin they have found several bags of cocaine in the hotel the F1 drivers stayed at in Melbourne. The article mentioned some f3000 driver who back in 2002 had his license suspended when he tested positive for cannabis.
I've never considered cannabis to be a great aid to anyone wishing to be the fastest in any type of sport. In fact, In my experience, it can be pretty tricky remembering to go when the lights change, let alone what travelling at 150mph must do for your poor stoned vision.
Anyway, this did get me thinking and i'm now all for an alternate olympice.
You take the fitest atheletes in the world, pump them full of a horse tranqualizer and let them loose on an athletics track. The 100 metres sprint would be hilarious as they stagger down the lanes or crawl slowly in the wrong direction. The trip[e jump has plenty of scope for mirth as does the discuss or hammer
Probably best to avoid the swimming though and may have to lock the javelines away, but im sure we could improvise
Date Added: 27/03/2007

you need to add an edit button, i'm appalled at my spelling
Date Added: 27/03/2007

An edit button would spoil my fun... :p

I like the idea of the stoned olympics, imagine the gymnasts on acid.
Date Added: 27/03/2007

I'm glad you are covering this, Mad, as I have sworn off our ridiculous american coverage of MotoGP.

There is no way I am going to pay for a cable channel that shows 99% NASCAR, aka "Goober-Go-Round", and 1% real motorsports content.

Keep up the good work, m8.

Ride well,
Date Added: 28/03/2007

Hey Gary!
I'm very happy if my humble coverage helps keep you up to date. My Dad got sick of me telling him all about each race so he said I should blog it instead. He's into those boring four wheeled things.
Date Added: 28/03/2007

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So it was true - the Ducatis aren't going to win every race
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