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British Superbikes at Silverstone
Late on Friday I found out that I had a free ticket to the BSB round at Silverstone on Sunday (many thanks to MCN). I've never been to any racing of any kind before so I was really excited.
Sunday dawned bright and clear, I got up horribly early and had a lovely run down to Silverstone. I'd carefully noted down my route from google maps (A45 - A5 - A34) but all I had to do was get on the A5 and join the first big group of bikers I saw (I'm glad they really were going to Silverstone or I could have ended up anywhere). I got there early (shock!) and had to hang around before hooking up with some MCN forum regulars.
We went to the pits and had a look down the pit lane. The best bit was when I mechanic said we could take a short cut through a pit lane garage and we came out behind the riders giving autographs! After seeing the pit lane we settled in for a day of racing. I enjoyed the Super Sport racing where Carl Crutchlow won the series.
After Super Sport we watched round one of the Superbikes, I must say I was gutted when Leon Haslam chucked his Ducati down the track, I've been rooting for the lad for the majority of the season. Kionari took the win easily once Haslam was out of his way.
Between round one and round two we went and had a beer with Time Stewart of MCN who had arranged the tickets for us. Good chap and very passionate abut his job.
Round two was another Kionari walk over with Haslam dropping to third behind his team mate Lavilla. Let's hope he wins at Brands next week to take the championship.
After round two we decided to head home. At this point it all went a little pear shaped for me. First of all it took ages to get my helmet back from the Riders for Health helmet park. Then I thought my bike had been pinched as I couldn't find it. Turns out I was looking in slightly the wrong place but this put me in such a flap that I tried to ride off without taking of my disc lock... Bummer, I dropped my Zed because of it. Virtually no damage fortunately, just a couple of scratches on the engine covers.
Still, apart from this minor mishap what a fantastic day I had. I'd like to make Brands Hatch but it's not likely as I'm skint.


Gone Away
Sounds like F1 in the early days, Mad - things were much more laid back then. Today you'd have to be worth a mint and have a name like Arnie Scwarzenegger to walk through an F1 pit. Glad you got to see racing as it really is.
Date Added: 19/09/2006

At least you made a memorable exit for all those other bikers to recall with fondness in the years to come :)
Date Added: 19/09/2006

Yeah it had a really nice atmosphere Dad. Yeah Keef I'm sure the guy who helped me pick the Zed up was trying not to crack up...
Date Added: 19/09/2006

Why did you not share with your readers your sun burn. That the legacy of the day. A beautiful pink one.
Date Added: 20/09/2006

add a was into the above comment
Date Added: 20/09/2006

Thats not sun burn boogie, thats the lingering embaressment of riding off with the wheel lock on :)
Date Added: 21/09/2006

and now I'm peeling :(
Date Added: 21/09/2006

Mad, don't you own a camera? It's bad form to go to such a prestigious event and not share the visuals with your readers.

That's the reason I've never used a disc lock. I tried a long Kryptonite U-lock for awhile, but in the end, I found out that most bike thieves will just bring a crew, and hoist the thing into the back of a truck or van. Then they deal with your "security devices" at their liesure.

But the lock will discourage your casual felon, I suppose.

Glad you had a great day.

Ride well,
Date Added: 21/09/2006

Hey Gary,As usual I forgot my camera. It's pretty much a given that if there's something worth photographing then I've forgotten my camera... As for the disc lock, yeah I know it's no deterent at all to the professional bike thief but if it puts off the casual opportunist then it's done it's job. I suspect I'll be using it less after this little incident.
Date Added: 22/09/2006

Steve Williams
Sounds like a great day despite the disc lock incident. Like Gary---where's the pictures!

My Vespa is so light that one guy could probably hoist it away. I've basically decided to not worry about theft, not much I can do about it other than chain the thing up and even then who knows. I keep paying my insurance bill....

take care,

Date Added: 25/09/2006

That's the best approach I think Steve, don't worry about theft and cross that bridge if it happens.
Date Added: 26/09/2006

I've done the disk lock thing. Twice.
I only fell off once though but it was in the carpark at Lakeside shopping centre in front off herds of shoppers.
Date Added: 07/10/2006

Better shoppers than bikers Mick!
Date Added: 10/10/2006

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