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Numpty in an Audi
I'm minding my own business on the way to work, filtering up to the front of the lights on the A45 as I always do. I can't quite get to the front as the front two car's (one of which is a red Audi) wing mirrors are too close together for my wide bars. So I stop behind their mirrors and wait till we're moving to nip through. It so happens that the next set of lights is red so I stop in the middle of the two lanes so the cars can go either side of me. As I roll to a stop I realise that the red Audi is beeping at me. I flip my visor, turn and look at him and shout "yes?" The numpty is pointing at the space to my right as if to say "I can't move into that because you have left no room." If he'd been a particularly wide truck there may, indeed, have been no room for him but as he wasn't there was room to spare. So I made a "move on up matey" gesture. The numpty sat there. So I shouted across "Filtering is legal you know" and he nodded as if he was completely aware of that fact. I could have taken up the complete lane if I'd so wished but I was polite and left lots of room for the cars but it wasn't good enough for this jerk, I'd like to know what he thought I should have done. Run the red light so I was nowhere his Audi?

Gone Away
In your last sentence you have it, Mad. He didn't want to get his nice, shiny Audi scratched if you fell over sideways. As bike riders are always doing at traffic lights... ;)

But why "Save Parliament"?. Give Guy Fawkes another chance, say I. :D
Date Added: 23/08/2006

Observant as ever Dad, my save parliament button has been up for weeks. :p
Date Added: 23/08/2006

Gone Away
And I saw it when it first appeared - just didn't strike me as funny until today, so there. :P
Date Added: 23/08/2006

Funny? FUNNY?! Just because it's not your parliament anymore...
Date Added: 23/08/2006

This guy sounds like one of those guys that takes up 4 parking spaces at the store so no one parks next to and hit's the paint of his car with their door.

Normally if you wait long enough you will see that people accidently bump into cars like that with a cart or 5

if you are afraid of your car getting a clunker says I. No one worries about my Van's paint job, and with the dents in it from the years of me having it I notice people give me lots of room. They figure I have nothing to lose
Date Added: 26/08/2006

Maybe you're right Janus, I just couldn't figure the guy out.
Date Added: 26/08/2006

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Oh no thats a suzi Quattro, i was forever getting them mixed up, still its probably an insight into the people who drive Audis
Date Added: 28/08/2006

War in Afghanistan The Real Thing
Date Added: 12/09/2006

I wonder if Coca-Cola would like to sponsor our troops?
Date Added: 13/09/2006

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