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Zed is dead, long live the Zed!
Well I've been riding my new Z750 for a few weeks now. Pleasingly it is just like my old Zed, easy to ride, fast enough to set my hair on fire, great brakes and just so cool. Now I want to start modifying it a little. Ideally I'd like to swap the end can and air filter and install an Power Commander but as that will set me back hundreds of pounds I shall have to wait. Watch this space...

Gone Away
How about a pic of you with your hair on fire? ;)
Date Added: 20/05/2006

A power this some kind of Action Man add on? Will you gain eagle eye headlights? Many of us have been watching this space for quite a while and can say, whole heartedly, that very little happens :p
Date Added: 22/05/2006

Ah Keef, I forget that not everyone knows all the biking jargon. A power commander is a little electric gizmo that adds on to a bikes fuel injection system that allows you to adjust the bikes fueling. As for watching this space, very funny, you made me laugh out loud at work; and you can talk you never update your blog.
Date Added: 22/05/2006

I wish my bike was a fuelie, it would be nice to give 'er a tune up with a couple of keystrokes.
Date Added: 22/05/2006

Hey Gymi, nice to see you over here. I've been reading your blog for a while - love the Zrex. I also have a '89 Suzuki Bandit 400 that I'd like to tune a bit and I know what you mean I'd rather just plug in a PCIII than fettle dyno jet needles!
Date Added: 23/05/2006

Gary the yank
Holy shit!

My brother hath awakened!

Yes, we must have a photograph of you with your hair on fire!

This will require a daredevil photographer, of course.

The only qualified party I can think of at this point is... ME!

Send airfare, and I will come.

Ride well,

Date Added: 23/05/2006

Gary! Yes, I am still here but I have a new bike and summer's here, you know how it is...I must say I'm jealous of your bike wanderings last week. And when I win the lottery I shall fly you and frogwing anywhere you want to go.
Date Added: 24/05/2006

Theres a HR woman in one of my offices. Her name is

Fanni Tong
Date Added: 26/05/2006

Boogie likes Zed. Manic grin.
Date Added: 26/05/2006

So anyway, I remeber a time when Mad was wobbling around on a DNA and asking the great SMIDSY reading public which bike he should choose. Well now i'm calling the favour in!

The pussyCat is nearing the end of her long and exhausting life (bless her) and i'm in the mood for a change. One bike I have my eye on is, you've guessed it, the babby Zed so I have a couple of questions.

1) What are the initial servicing intervals and roughly how much is each one?

2) What sort of MPG do you get on your commute?

3) Have you taken a pillion and if so, are they still in any pain?

4) Does that air curtain bollocks really work or would you recommend the screen a la z thou?

Cheers m'dears

Date Added: 30/05/2006

I can´t believe my little DNA was only a year ago!Well Sparx I´d heartily recommend the Zed to you but then I am biased (but having wrecked one I did go and find one exactly the same, I think that´s a testament to ´em).Service intervals are: first one at 600 (If I remember correctly) and after that it´s at 4000 and every 4000 from there on. I took my last Zed to Drayton Croft for its 4000 mile service and it cost me around £110. My current one is still a way off it´s next service but I may give it one if I go touring.I get around 43mpg when I´m commuting. I find I get to about 120/130 before the fuel gauge starts bugging me and I think there´s about 30/40 miles in reserve.Pillions? Hmm... I think a pillion must be pretty brave to get on the back of a standard Zed. Small seat, highish pegs and one little strap to hold on to make it daunting. I´ve fitted a Rentec grab rail to mine which makes it a lot more pillion friendly and costs ˜£40. No pillion would want to tour the world on it but it´s ok for a days riding.Air curtain? Hahahaha! That tiny little headlight fairing does make a difference but only a small one. I really don´t mind a bit of windblast but you may find it a bit harsh after your cosseting ´cat fairing? Kawasaki do make a couple of screens for the Zed, one of which is a vario so you can angle it for maximum protection but I can´t help feeling they don´t look great. I am considering getting the basic Kwak screen but there´s other stuff I want first.There´s a growing number of Zed resources on the net as well as some very complimentary reviews so I won´t witter on about how easy it is to ride, how well it handles, about how the engine is a peach with a virtually flat torque curve... but here´s a couple of forums where you can ask questions:Rider ForumsZee750s new Forums
Date Added: 31/05/2006

Cheers for that mate. It's starting to look a dead cert that i'll be riding an orange Zed soon. One final question, just how much faster are they than the black ones? ;-D
Date Added: 01/06/2006

Sparx I've seen a few dyno charts for the Zed and the orange is pretty fast but the best charts are always from the black ones; black Zeds are fasterest... :pBut seriously I doubt you'd regret getting one and they look amazing in orange in my humble opinion. If you do get one I expect immediate notification and pictures!
Date Added: 01/06/2006

Well, it's done. The 'Cat's off to the bike graveyard and the Zed's going to be here in a fortnight. It's a bittersweet moment. Excitement at thoughts of a brand new bike are tempered by sadness that no-one will buy my beloved Puss.
Date Added: 06/06/2006

Wicked Sparx! *hangs head in mourning for the 'Cat for a few seconds* Welcome to the Zed heads! You're going to have a lot of fun... you were told about how the Zed brings out your inner hooligan right? You went for orange? Best colour after black in my opinion. Two weeks!!?? How will cope with a two week wait? We must have a ride out one day. :D
Date Added: 06/06/2006

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