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Catching up
I have been amiss. I have not been blogging. Sorry about that.

Firstly the weather has been so much better recently (not counting the last three days of rain - more on that later). Every time I've had a spare minute and the sun has been shining I heard a little voice calling me, upon investigation it turned out to be my little Bandit calling me to go ride. Obviously it would be rude to ignore hallucinatory voices so I have been riding not blogging.

A couple of weekends ago I went on an MCN forums ride out down to the Cheltenham Bikesafe show. This was good fun but boy I had to work my poor little Bandit hard to keep up with all the big bikes that everyone else turned up on.

My computer time has been taken up with an ever more feverish search for a replacement for my wrecked Z750. I have searched MCN/Autotrader/Ebay a million times a day, every day. My list of potential bikes went something like this: Kwak Z750, Honda Hornet 900, Aprillia Falco, Honda Firestorm, Suzuki SV1000s, Suzuki SV650s, Suzuki Bandit 1200. The thing that's made it hard is every time I consider a bike that is not a Z750 my heart sinks. You see my love affair with the Zed was far from over and it still ticks all the boxes in my criteria list. The other bikes on my list are all great but still don't quite do it for me. The problem is, though, that nowhere could I find a Zed in the right colours at the right price, within a reasonable range. Finally last weekend I found a black one in London in Ebay. No one else bid on it and I got it at the right price. I go down to London today to pick it up (if it matches it's description) and ride it home... Wish me luck.


WooHoo! Great News. Another black Zed hey? Mmmmmmm. Just be BLOODY CAREFUL riding it home yeah?
Date Added: 21/04/2006

I was BLOODY careful too! It is intact at home as I type. I'm as chuffed as a very chuffed thing on national chuffed day. :D
Date Added: 21/04/2006

happy burfdee bruh
Date Added: 23/04/2006

Thanks Keefy :D
Date Added: 24/04/2006

Gone Away
Yeah, happy burpday, Mad. And congrats on the new Zed! :D
Date Added: 24/04/2006

and once again ifangyew. :D
Date Added: 24/04/2006

Pics! We need pics!

Date Added: 24/04/2006

yeah we want pics....after all yer gonna need somthing to remember it by :p
Date Added: 24/04/2006

Ok ok, I'll take a picture or two! As for you you Keef: hardeharhar...
Date Added: 25/04/2006

Congratulations on the Zed. Introduce the new child gently to the Baby Bandit.
Sibling rivalry and competition for Daddy's attention, you know!
Date Added: 26/04/2006

happy belated! I was thinking about you today and remembered your birthday - even if I am a little late. Hope it was a good one:)
Date Added: 27/04/2006

You got a black ZED for your birthday, well done!.
Just remember to keep the black sticky bits down and the black shiny bits up.
Date Added: 28/04/2006

My auto comment system keeps failing me which means I don't realise that I've had comments.
Irondad, don't worry the Baby Bandit knows she's still loved I took her to a friends house today and we treated her to new fork seals and fresh 20w fork oil today. Nothing like a manicure for a lady to know she's cared for ;)
Thank you Vanessa! Good ol' Pix :x
Mick I'm trying to get the hang of shiny up/rubber down, I shall repeat it to myself every day. :D
Did I tell you guys how much Zeds rock!?
Date Added: 30/04/2006

Hey man, happy birthing interval. I'm commenting from a hotel room in Arkansas, so I'm a day or so from being at my final destination. You still planning a trip stateside or no? If so I've got my new permanent address pretty much sewn up, and I'll have my new cell # within a week or two. Keep me up on the details. Congrats on the Zee 750. :P
Date Added: 06/05/2006

Hey Josh!Looks like the trip stateside has floundered, I'll give you a shout when I know more... As for Zee even the yankee kawasaki forum I frequent calls 'em Zeds ;)
Date Added: 06/05/2006

Hello Matthew,

Strange as it sounds, i was looking for an idea for my next website and coming to your site has given me a clue/concept to base my site on :)

I've been everywhere on your site and it's really nice and attractive. Well done and good luck.
Date Added: 09/05/2006

Hi Av,I'm flattered that you like my design, I hope your new site goes well. If you have any questions feel free to email me bubaker@gmail.comCheersMad
Date Added: 10/05/2006

Are you still alive?
Date Added: 12/05/2006

I believe so... Are you? ;)
Date Added: 13/05/2006

yeah just about. is simbos b'day coming up soon?
Date Added: 15/05/2006

Oh well. Probably best that it wasn't this summer anyway -- I'd hardly have time to know this town myself, but what I have seen of it in the last week or so, I like it a lot. I'll get as much "research" under my belt as possible so when you come we can be drunk gringo monkeys in all the coolest spots.

Adios, maing.

Date Added: 15/05/2006

Er yeah I think it is Keef. Drunk gringo monkeys sounds good Josh!
Date Added: 16/05/2006

Mad..when you do come to the states.. ya still have to visit me.. but ummm i dont know any cool

btw.. its about time you blogged.. i havent had anything to read when bored in philosophy class...


p.s nice to know your still alive as well keeef
Date Added: 19/05/2006

Hey Candye, thanks for commenting! When I finally get to the States, if I'm anywhere near you, don't worry I shall look you up. :)
Date Added: 31/05/2006

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