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Wake up Britain!
After years of careful dilution of the democratic principles on which or country is run the Labour government is finally in a position to attempt the coup de grâce on our democracy. They wish to pass a bill which will allow ministers to alter any Bill that they see fit without any of this, oh so tedious, democratic process.

WAKE UP BRITAIN! This isn’t play; this is the enemy at the gates...


V for Vendetta is not a work of fiction. It is a prophecy.
Date Added: 21/03/2006

Yeah except there is no romance in defying dictatorship and no masked marauder will arrive to save us...
Date Added: 21/03/2006

Gone Away
As I said earlier this week, you can't go home again. And, if Britain is my home, I don't want to go home...
Date Added: 22/03/2006

Calm down calm down. We live in a world where arguably the largest most powerful nation invades countries to remove the dictators that it helped put in place to implement democracy. This is done by a president whose election had absolutely no controversy whatsoever and was most definitely a free and democratic process.
At the same time it and its allies are making their countries safer by removing needlessly silly bureaucracy. This is done so that those in power are not hampered by the trifling concerns of the countries people. After all these people are free so why shouldn’t their leaders be????Do you not see how by removing all these trifling rights that you have you are becoming a freeer person in a freeer nation run by an ungoverned government? I think that these laws, combined with the police power to confine you under house arrest on suspicion that you may have been/thought about/dreamt about committing a crime, will make us truly safe from the threat of Dictatorship. Let us not forget that Dictatorships have outlived communism as the single greatest threat to the oil, sorry, the democratic free world. Without these laws to protect you, you to could live in a society where a madman has the right to implement and change laws at will, where the police can detain you for no reason. Now how foolish does your post look?
Date Added: 22/03/2006

I suppose it's heartening to know that if we do slip into dictatorship then we can rely on 'Dubya' and his crew to come and rescue us by bombing the crap out of our country and screwing up the aftermath.
Date Added: 22/03/2006

I'm not sure the North Sea oil reserves are big enough to tempt Dubya into "helping" us Sparx...
Date Added: 23/03/2006

It really is pathetic that we have gotten so bloody comfortable with these criminal juntas running (and ruining) our countries.

But I guess as long as people can still afford cable TV, there will be no revolution.

Sofa spuds unite! Kill your television!

Yeah... right.

Ride well,
Date Added: 25/03/2006

Well Gary I hope the Brits wake up long enough to do something about this or they will find themselves living in a dictatorship...
Date Added: 28/03/2006

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