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For the chap on the GSXR
on the A46 towards the Longbridge roundabout: You'll ride at over the ton but you won't filter? Oddness... oh and nice bike.

sounds like a straightline merchant to me.
Date Added: 14/12/2005

Mystic Smid says: I can see him now. He is in his mid-forties, buys a new bike and matching leathers every year whether he covers 2000 miles or not, and reads MCN and believes it all.
I love Power Rangers!
Date Added: 14/12/2005

Lmao "Mystic Smid!"
You guys might be right but it seems to me a guy on a bike in the morning rush hour is likely to be riding to work, which probably sets him apart from the "ride on a sunday if conditions are absolutely perfect and then spend weeks polishing the bike" crowd. Although he did have the de riguer Rossi replica lid...
Date Added: 14/12/2005

No you're right. He may be a newbie getting used to his first bike. If you see him again give him a wave and a thumbs-up from me.
Date Added: 14/12/2005

how you been bubaker? been a long time since we last chatted you should let me know how you are and whatcha doin over there in gloomy ol england! lol its been fine here but you should email me------->
Date Added: 14/12/2005

Aha! A newbie, it all makes sense now. I did give him a wave, I wave to most two wheeled vehicles; including scooters. Merr! Long time no speak. How you going and how is the little Merr?
Date Added: 19/12/2005

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