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Do you ever wonder as you hit the post button on a political post if one day, in some potential future, "they'll" come for you?

hmmm.... what have you been smokin'?
Date Added: 29/11/2005

What have I been smoking? Pffft, what have your politicians been smoking more like!? I can hear the hub-bub from here!
Date Added: 29/11/2005

I do. But then i think cool.....come get me ya bastards i'll be waiting for ya. Besides, knowing the intelligence of the intelligence service they would smash down next doors front door and i would recieve a letter a week before requesting i be in at 8:15 am for a surprise visit from my local MI5 operative.

More concerning nowadays is that id actually be raided by ASIO the Aussie intelligence service (which i suspect is a very misleading title). Id be quizzed for hours over average first day test runs scored by Don Bradman. Then theyd lock me in a cell and force me to gargle the tune to waltzing matilda with a mouthful of bundaberg rum whilst wearing a hat with corks on they're fuckers i tell ya.
Date Added: 29/11/2005

LOL! Ah yes, the canadian gov't has fallen. I predicted this would happen with a minority gov't. Ah well, I think it will just shut harper et al. up when the liberals win (that's what I'm predicting). I'm trying to watch as less coverage as I can... it just gets my blood pressure up anway ;)
Date Added: 29/11/2005

wow. that was REALLY bad grammar... sorry 'bout that. I couldn't let it pass... I just had to come back and apologize.
Date Added: 29/11/2005

Gone Away
Vanessa is trying to avoid a visit from the grammar police, I see...
On the day the secret police find out what a blog is, I suggest we start worrying, Mad.
Date Added: 30/11/2005

They'll never catch me man.

Cause I'm fuckin' innocent.
Date Added: 05/12/2005

.o0(I didn't have The Hillvis down as a G&R man)
Date Added: 05/12/2005

"We" are on our way.
Date Added: 07/12/2005

See? I told you lot!
Date Added: 07/12/2005

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