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Two bikes!
Yes I am a two bike man these days. Here's "ickle bandit" and "the Beast".

Both of my bikes

Gone Away
I see Mr Citroen has a Fiat these days...
Date Added: 25/09/2005

does that make your tribal name 2 bikes rusting?
Date Added: 26/09/2005

Actually that's Mr Citroen's daughter's car. I still think of him as Mr Cortina. Did you know he's a biker? You ain't kidding Keef, owning a bike in this country is a constant battle against rust... Grrrr
Date Added: 26/09/2005

Gone Away
I didn't know that. So we have to call him Mr Honda now?
Date Added: 26/09/2005

Umm I think he had a Suzuki last. Some kind of streetfighter. So we could call him Mr Streetfighter... Nah.
Date Added: 26/09/2005

SHOW OFF!! And change the grey so its darker I can't read what the writing says. Change it back change it back change it back.
Date Added: 29/09/2005

Date Added: 29/09/2005

Umm Boogie the text is the same colour it's always been (#666666 from memory). I like it slightly faint but I have been thinking about doing a high contrast version. Oh and I don't respond well to orders... :p
Date Added: 30/09/2005

Ok just for you I've gone to #202020 :p
Date Added: 30/09/2005

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