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IE7 three weeks on
It's beginning to annoy me now. Having the main menu bar in the wrong place is a serious disadvantage and underneath it all... it's still IE6. In some ways it bodes well for the future with the RSS support but for a long awaited beta I expected more. Firefox is nowhere near being supplanted.
MadTV school report on IE7: "Must do better!"

Gone Away
Well, judging by Microsoft's previous record, if IE7 is a load of junk, it'll be a runaway success and the industry standard in two years...
Date Added: 17/08/2005

It will be industry standard as soon as its released in full. Corporations are blinded by Microsoft and users hate change
Date Added: 18/08/2005

Did I tell you that I had to uninstall it already? Yeah, I use to download audiobooks n stuff to muh ipod, and
apparently the DRM on that site does some sort of lookup on the User_agent string -- it refuses to let me 'license' with IE7.
Like I said, ballacks.
Date Added: 20/08/2005

Gavin Ayling
I've just started using Avant Browser. It allows you to use IE6 but includes stuff like tabbed browsing. I've not been using it long enough to know whether it's stable etc, but omens are good.
Date Added: 20/08/2005

It's really beginning to annoy me Josh, it may well soon get booted till Beta 2 is out.
Gavin, thanks for the comment. For my daily browsing I use Firefox, the reason I'm using the IE7 beta is merely professional interest; Whatever MS release next is no doubt what I will have to be coding for soon. However I doubt it will ever be my home systems default browser.
Date Added: 21/08/2005

I wish it wasn't true... but it is, my cynical upside down friend :p
Date Added: 21/08/2005

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