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I was doing my early morning rounds today and I was forcibly struck with how much I enjoy certain blogs. Two reads that I'm always delighted to see new posts on are Waiter Rant and Clublife. These two guys for very different reasons can always persuade me to find two minutes to settle down and read.
I enjoy the Waiter so much because I've been there, I know exactly what he's talking about but he also shows an understanding and wisdom that I struggled to possess as a waiter. I've read his description of a rude customer and his understanding of why that customer is rude. He lets 'em off! That amazes me. I was so often filled with a black rage when customers were rude to me, it was very rare that I'd be able to see beyond their rudeness like the Waiter does. Empathy. I think that's the word I'm looking for, the Waiter has empathy. My empathy with the people I served had disappeared long before I left the restaurant trade and I suspect that's why I couldn't bear it a day longer when I finally left it. I had reached (and passed) the place in my head where if you were rude to me (or even a little dismissive) I wanted to smash your face off the table and put ground glass in your food. In fact I felt that way if people sat in my section, even before I’d spoken to them… I think it's a good thing I found a web development job when I did.
So that's one of the reasons I love the Waiter's blog, I'm in awe of his ability to still be nice. Plus he says some pretty deep things, his last post on yuppies was excellent, especially what he was saying about navel gazing when being truly spiritual would be rolling up your sleeves and getting stuck in helping others.
I guess the reasons I enjoy Clublife are kind of similar to why I enjoy Waiter Rant. Again it's a blog from the service industry and it centres on dealing with the public in all their astonishing stupidity. Also I worked in nightclubs for a while so I empathise with his experiences. I think too that as a pacifist I am intrigued by violence, I look at bouncers and I wonder why they would do that job. I find it hard to imagine a job I'd be less suited to. I guess I also enjoy his utter contempt for the public because it's not that long since I felt that way too. He writes well and opens a fascinating window on a world I’ve brushed but managed avoid by and large. Well worth the read…
If you haven’t had a look at these two blogs I heartily recommend them and remember the next waiter you’re rude to may be in the same mental state I once was.

Gone Away
Good article, Mad - well written and very interesting.
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Thanks Dad :D
Date Added: 16/06/2005

yeah yeah, shut up and get me my beer....and take your thumb out my soup
Date Added: 17/06/2005

The thumb's just there to distract you from the razor blades... >:)
Date Added: 17/06/2005

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