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I have just done a complete sort out of all my worldly possessions. It took from nine in the evening till four in the morning. I was surprised it took so long; I don't think I had so many things. It was, as these things often are, a pleasurable experience; finding old photographs and mementos of the past. The thing I got the most pleasure from though has sadly met a demise in my life (and I suspect many other peoples) and that is letters. I found letters from friends and girlfriends dating all the way back to my late teenage years. The last letters I have are from my years at University just before the t'nternet killed of any chance of my generation ever writing another letter. What a shame, it was such a joy to encounter words from my friends fifteen years old. Yes I know you can archive emails etc but lets face it the chance of you stumbling on a fifteen year old email is slim. Every backup I've ever made of stuff like emails is never opened again. All I'm saying is I miss the lost art of letter writing...

And for those who know me well: Yes I do see the irony of the person who never ever replied to a letter bemoaning their loss.


I agree, there is nothing like a real letter. Typing in email is so much easier and so much more efficient, the delivery is immediate but something is missing. There is something beautiful about having a piece of paper that holds something of the person who wrote the words on it, whether it be elegant or scribbled, handwriting is only secondary to hearing spoken voice in conveying the person behind the words. We gain something, we lose something. Does all progress involve loss?
Date Added: 25/03/2005

Indeed Ned, I opened one 10 year old letter last night and dried flowers fell out. What email can match that?
Date Added: 25/03/2005

Gone Away
I'm sure I once received a letter from you, Mad. 1985 was it?
Date Added: 27/03/2005

I still write letters!! Mainly because the only people I would want to e-mail I see everyday. Its just more easy and quicker.
1985-before I was born!!!!
Mad does write letters. To himself!!!!! To make it look like hes really really popular.
Date Added: 27/03/2005

Mad correct gramma please and change it with him.

Date Added: 27/03/2005

I never knew you were so highly thought of at the dole office.
Thems the only lewtters i ever remember you recieving, though i cant ever recall dried flowers.....are you sure they arent buds we hid when your parents came home?
Date Added: 29/03/2005

Funnily enough Keef a couple of the letters I'm refering to were penned by your good self just after I left for Uni. As for the flowers they were from Jayne, remember her? Oh I also found the script for "No Clowns" Keef!
Date Added: 29/03/2005

wow, really....did i write you letters? sh*t i have no idea what was in them!

Is it a full script of NC? is it good or very amatuer?

I imagine its raw and angry.

ahhhhh Jayne.....i always preffered Lisa myself :)
Date Added: 29/03/2005

I haven't actually looked through the script, I don't think it'll be complete and you know it was raw and angry... You always had odd taste.
Date Added: 29/03/2005

Yeah but it worked.

Id love to see a copy of it just to see how it fits with my memory of it.
Date Added: 29/03/2005

I might get around to reading through it and transposing it for you Keef...
Date Added: 30/03/2005

good plan
or scan it and mail it
Date Added: 31/03/2005

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