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I know, I know, MadTV is not a political site (Gone Away does politics from time to time though), here we normally focus on web development or frivolity but I'm afraid I must say something. The country in which I live is about to remove a corner-stone of justice and democracy. The ruling Labour party (think UK's Democrat party my American pals) is ramming an act through parliament that will allow the Home Secretary to detain people under full house arrest without producing evidence or even levelling an accusation. The excuse for passing this bill is of course terrorism, the Prime Minister claiming that we need these measures to counteract a threat unlike one we've ever known before. Which is one of my first objections; this country has lived with terrorism for over thirty years. It’s only a few years since IRA bombs were exploding in cities all over the UK. But now (when the figures for international terrorism are at a 25 year low) we have to erode our civil liberties to combat it? What’s the difference between an IRA bomb and an Al Qaeda bomb? None that I can see

Now, don’t get me wrong I’m not downplaying the potential threat from radical Islamic terrorism, I do believe that there are radicals out there who would happily perpetrate an atrocity like 9/11 on these shores but I am saying that we can’t fight evil with evil. If you gentle reader are British (or visiting Britain) this law means that, on the say-so of a politician, you can be held captive without means of communication indefinitely. The State would not have to produce evidence of your suspected crimes or even to tell you what you are suspected of. This politician could do this merely on suspicion and this suspicion could hold you for years without any means of you appealing to justice. Does this sound like the powers of a democratic justice system to you? Nope? Me neither. This is the most serious attack on our justice system in three hundred years. It was laws like this that allowed Hitler to grasp total power in Germany. This is a law so open to abuse it staggers me.

No detention without trial! We must be prepared to fight this with every fibre of our beings. We must say no to this government now. Please if you are British fax or email your MP now and tell them that this law is a disgrace.


Gone Away
Well said, Matthew. It comes down to this: if we say we believe in freedom, at what point do the laws enacted to protect freedom stop freedom from existing? Any government of a free country should be prepared to say why it is arresting someone and what grounds it has for such charge. Arrest for suspicion is an invention of the totalitarian state and has no place in a free society.
Date Added: 24/02/2005

Pure hysteria!....We need laws like this dammit, I for one will remain in my own house indefinatley in full support. I will not contact my place of work, pay any bills etc but will refer people to my countries police station for details.....they of course wont know, but will likely assume i am under house arrest and place guards at my door. Before you know it i will be living tax free, have all my amenity bills paid for and my shopping delivered....It will be like being the primeminister of my own micro-nation. Eventually when i become bored of being at home i will leave the house, get shot (non fatally i hope) then procede to sue my countries police force as their will be no record of my house arrest/detention. The resulting money & bitterness at being shot will allow me to fund a small army, i will attach civilians indiscrimenatley until placed under proper house arrest. At which point i will order pizza and then scream outrage to Amnesty at the inhumanity of such an act....................................................................................................In truth, i think the whole thing is disgusting. House arrest smacks of Dictatorship. How long before political opposition leaders are placed 'legally' under arrest? Why dont we also bring back enforced labour camps, that will allow us to restart our dead coal mining industry and make a quick buck out of the lives of you hadnt thought of that one yet hey Blair!
Date Added: 24/02/2005

By the way the 'fax or email' link doesnt work
Date Added: 25/02/2005

Nothing to see here. Move along now, I'm just sweeping up.
Date Added: 27/02/2005

crazy sisters friend
I think you are right. the law is wrong and should not come to pass.
There are people who wil go along with the goverment's idea that everone one is out to kill you or blow something up because they're from a different country and/or religion. it's stupid!!!!!, it really is, trust me. The goverment is just trying to send the country on a panic stricken rampage about terrorism because of Tony Blaire's idea to invade iraq and start a war. He is trying to cover up the fact that he made a mistake and he wont admit it, so he is trying to prove him self right about terrorism that they are everywere by putting people under house arrest wether they are guilty or not and then puting on the front of the Sun or Daily Mirror (both s***t papers they are always spearding lies anyway).
Date Added: 10/03/2005

Another class A rant from Naomi.
Date Added: 27/03/2005


Date Added: 20/02/2007

Is that "Fuck it, I don't care" or "Fuck it it's all fucked" or what?
Date Added: 20/02/2007

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And I wouldn't have it any other way! ;-)

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