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Its true
If you type "swivel-eyed loons" into google the number one result is the website of the UK Independence Party. Draw your own conclusions.

Gone Away
A pity that it's mostly Americans that read your blog, Mad. They won't understand....
Date Added: 18/02/2005

I know Dad but it just tickled me that the result was a political party (you know my opinion of politicians), the fact that it was UKIP was of less interest to me. I am after all vehemently anti-europe even if UKIP are swivel-eyed loons.
Date Added: 18/02/2005

Date Added: 18/02/2005

Phew... I read their platform, and the first plank seemed to align with my sentiments about the U.K. and the European Union. For a minute there, I thought I was a swivel-eyed loon.
Date Added: 20/02/2005

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Lucky you just got a crier - here in the New World it is just as likely to end with a shooting.
And I wouldn't have it any other way! ;-)

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