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Is it Halo day?
I pop up inside the base and head straight for the shotgun I know is normally upstairs. Before I've got ten feet a rocket hits me. Bam! Bad luck, thinks I, spawning just as a bad guy comes by. I spawn again and decided to forget the shotgun and just head out. Bam! Another rocket hits me. The same name shows on screen as getting the kill. Aha! We have a camper, someone with no interest in the flag who arms up with heavy weapons and hangs out in your base waiting for people to spawn; anything for easy kills. They are universally hated by my Dad, Pootle and myself.

Time to go hunting.

This time I spawn upstairs. Knowing I've got to be quick I grab the shotgun and the two grenades that are by it and jump out of the front archway of the base, I bounce of the ledge below it and land on the ground. Over my head a rocket whistles by. The camper had come upstairs and fired at me again. Lucky I responded quickly. I dodge round a tree and disappear over the nearby ridge. Now, he will be expecting me to either head off for heavy weapons and return or head over to the enemy base for a flag grab attempt. I do neither, I wait 10 seconds and then run back to the base heading for the small path up the side of the cliff that leads to the upstairs area. I leap sideways into the base ready to throw grenades and to dodge. Empty. I run round and check the three ladders leading down the ground level. Empty. Cautiously I sidle down the rearmost ladder and peek into the ground floor. there he is! He's crouched, with his back to me, looking down towards the front of the base. Time for my favourite "caught you napping" tactic. I roll a grenade down towards him and it bounces to a stop right by his feet. Then I give him a small burst from my assault rifle (no point in wasting a shotgun round). He spins round, rocket launcher up, ready to obliterate the one foolish enough to attack him with a mere rifle and as he sees me the 'nade explodes. Bam! He's obliterated and I'm chuckling.

I type in giant caps: "AND STAY OUT!"


Gone Away
LOL Oh, the satisfaction! :D
It is indeed Halo day!
Date Added: 10/02/2005

Im having serious halo withdrawl......but on the bright side i just got a 30inch LCD bring on my PC and watch out world!
Date Added: 10/02/2005

Campers i hate em all. i would have halo withdrawl big time if i lost it.
Date Added: 10/02/2005

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Lucky you just got a crier - here in the New World it is just as likely to end with a shooting.
And I wouldn't have it any other way! ;-)

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It seems that you enjoy playing. The attacks you make on the enemy are great. I am looking forward to your next article on how you will defeat the enemy again.
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