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What is it with the design world this week? There's a really strong dichotomy in the blogs of the uber trendy. One half of the community is talking about "web credibility" (Asterisk, Bokardo etc) and the other half is literally "flipping the bird" (Design by Fire, Whitespace). The credibility thing seems to me to be the form/function argument in reality. They seem to be saying "hey it needs to be pretty too!" Which seems fair enough to me. But this gesticulating at visitors trend? How odd... Yes I know they're just annoyed at spammers, trolls etc but it seems an odd image to confront people with (of course as a complete trendwhore I'm about to drag out the camera and take a picture of myself flipping the bird whilst writing an essay on credibility and post it right here).

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Date Added: 30/05/2018

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