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Split the blog?
Well, my Dad's left the country. Many of my friends will know that he's gone to America; I guess less of my online friends will know. This brings me to an interesting dilemma with my blog. Should I continue mixing personal stuff (which most visitors will find deeply boring) with web stuff or should I develop two blogs? If any of my two readers care, drop me an email. I was surprised at how upsetting it was to watch my Dad disappear into the departures lounge at Gatwick. I really hadn't known how strongly I'd feel his loss. As I watched his silly Packers cap bobbing away in the crowd of people at the x-ray machine it struck me forcibly that he's not in the best of health and that it will be a long time before I get to go visit. I especially feel it for my siblings they're younger and they need their Dad more than me. *sigh* Oh well. Est la vida.

Gone Away
That's "hasta la vida", by the way. ;) Two things strike me (reading this about 18 months later): firstly, I'm still alive (amazing!) and secondly, the first post on the blog you made followed this by only 3 days. Now, I know I was in the States at least a week before you suggested the blog, so I figure you must have been late in posting this. Hah, you can't fool the ace detective! :D
Date Added: 13/02/2006

Your spanish is rubbish Dad, "Est la vida" means "that's life" and of course it was late it usually takes me a week to post anything.
Date Added: 13/02/2006

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