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AA rip off
Man, what a shite journey home I had last night. It cost me £73 to go the twenty miles to Coventry. I finish work, climb on my bike, she starts fine but then looses all grunt by the time I reach the main road. After switching her on and off a few times she gives up the ghost altogether. Damn. So I call the AA (vehicle breakdown service) and they take well over an hour to get to me. When the pick-up arrives the dude doesn't even attempt to fix my bike, he just puts it on the back of the pick-up and robs me of £73 just to drop me and the bike back to Coventry. Am I allowed to say "wanker" on my own blog? Why yes, I think I am. Thankfully when I got it back to Cov, my mate Andy helped me get it running again... Turns out the bolt holding the clutch assembly together had come loose. So - touch wood - I'm mobile again today, if somewhat poorer.

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