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Damn drive belt
What a day! My bike broke down 300 yards after leaving the house for work. So I wheel it back up the hill to my house (nearly having a cardiac arrest on the way ... damn, that thing's heavy) and try and get the engine cover off. I was pretty sure it was the drive belt and after much cursing and one shorn-off bolt it turns out it was. So, how the hell was I going to get a Gilera DNA 125 drive belt on a Monday (when many bike shops are closed I found out, grr)? Many phone calls later I locate the last drive belt in England in a place called Nuneaton (think: horses, one) which is about 10 miles away. Remembering my Dad is off work now I pleaded for a lift. Thankfully my Dad agreed. So I went to Nuneaton and got, not only a drive-belt but a spark-plug, scooter oil and oil filter. Finally I'm faced with my bike and the belt but I'm knackered if I know how to disassemble the clutch assembly. So a phone call later and my mate Simbo agrees to come straight by after work and help! What a player...
So by 7:30 my bike was running and ... fully serviced! Wo0t!

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Date Added: 30/05/2018

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