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Ok, I know, it's been longer than ever before. But I have some defence. The day after I wrote my last entry I got a phone call from the Listers Group, they were offering me a junior role as an ASP.NET developer. I of course accepted straight away. Only problem is that the head office is in Stratford-upon-Avon which is some distance from Coventry. So with a little help from Listers I bought a motorbike/scooter to commute on. It's a Gilera DNA 125 which I'm having so much fun on. So now you see the first few reasons why I haven't updated: Long hours and a new work enviroment plus a new passion of bike riding *vroom vroom*. But there's more, I'm finally .NETing my site, this blog has been rewritten to run off my SQL server and I've built myself a nice interface to add automagically to the blog. So, in theory, I will update a lot more regularly. I'm going to try and keep within certain themes. These are: ASP.NET, CSS/XHTML, Web Standards, Motorbikes, er me and maybe some political stuff now and again. Cheers for tuning in. I do promise more to read in the future. :D

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Date Added: 30/05/2018

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