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That's it! I'm definitely sitting an exam this week. I've put it off long enough. I must get these exams done and dusted. I think I'll start with the easy stuff first. Dreamweaver to start with. I bought a study guide and it's kiddy's stuff really, a bit of HTML/CSS and Dreamweaver's options ... duh. The Flash exam is a bit harder but still I should do it ok. I've been having puter problems over the last few weeks, I suspect a complete reinstall is going to have to take place. Damn. There's so much to back up! Plus I don't want to lose my Emails like I did last time. Some research is in order methinks. On a completely different note looks like my Dad isn't going to the States (I thought he was you see), selfishly I'm quite pleased but I don't suppose I'll be taking a holiday in Texas now. Lastly Eelco and Zaahir have been complaining that they don't get a mention here. Well lads, the first rule of Blogging is don't write about anyone who may read your blog. But hey you asked so you get a mention. Of course what is sad for us at MadTV is that Eelco is off to Belgium, we shall miss him and his funny Dutch ways (think singing shrimps). Eelco please remember that any Belgian beer sent here will be gratefully accepted, in fact, we expect regular shipments for "beer o'clock".

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Date Added: 11/06/2018

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