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Such a blast
Wow! Seems like forever since I blogged last ... err yes it has been a while *grins sheepishly* Well, I've seen my friends marry and I've been best man. I had so much fun! I want to best man again, especially if it involves champagne again. I had an whole series of misadventures in Bristol including loosing my phone. Oh! I have a second interview next week, looking good on that front; shame it's not a pure web developer role but I may be back in London again at this rate. Plus I meet a prospective client tomorrow. A new fashion label that needs an ecommerce solution, it would be a great addition to my portfolio. But, no counting chickens yet ... Did I tell you guys that I've had "Labyrinthitus" (spelling?) for a couple of weeks last month? That's a really odd condition: inflammation of the inner ear, causes your balance centres to freak out. It's like being drunk without wanting to be ... very strange feeling. It's also been a week of meeting people from the past, I won't bore you with details of who gentle reader but it's such a pleasure to be reminded of "the good old days" and to reminisce; I must be getting old I enjoy nostalgia too much. Of course today will be the "good old days" not too long from now. Distance adds a rosy glow to the days gone by eh?

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