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In the next two weeks my two best friends get married. The synchronicity of it all is quite odd; none of my circle of friends has ever got married but then my two best friend's get married a week apart. They couldn't have planned it closer if they'd tried. Of course this all means that I have to write a best man speech for Keith's wedding on Saturday. Tough because no one will let me tell the "tie story"... You'd laugh if you knew gentle reader but it's too long to blog. On a sour note I can't get to Blackpool today for an interview, I feel like I live in third world country. I'm amazed that the Railways can't transport me north to a major holiday town in summer! The only way I could get to Blackpool in the morning is if I'd sat on Birmingham platform overnight!! Or of course I could have taken a coach at two in the morning! Come on! It's not like I'm traveling across the sahara, how hard can it be to run the odd train north??

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Date Added: 11/06/2018

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