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Some interesting technical stuff: My site has gone up two google rankings (yay!). I'm very pleased but it leaves me questioning what I've been told about SEO. You see, knowing that my site is Flash and therefore not spider friendly, I've placed "invisible text" on the page. If you view source on my homepage you'll see that the site's content is repeated at the bottom of the page. With a little CSS this is rendered in black at 1pt. Therefore, spiders can index my content but humans don't see a big mess at the bottom of the page. Thing is, I've been told that this is an illegal tactic and will get you knocked out of Goggle's listing. With my sudden rise in page ranking it would appear that this just ain't true (incidentally the invisible text has been there for at least six months).

it's true it's true! it's just a matter of time at this point before you're *found out*. google has been spidering flash... I have it in my SEO blog somewhere i've never mucked with flash much but you might want to read up on how to get this done THE RIGHT WAY :)

Date Added: 27/11/2004

Hey thanks for the heads up Keli. I would've been all over this like a rash a few months ago but now that I'm an XHTML/CSS geek it's not really relevant to me anymore. I'm interested to see your SEO blog though. I think I'll be havin' a gander at that from time to time.
Date Added: 01/12/2004

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