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I must admit I didn't have high hopes for MotoGP this year but in some ways I've been pleasantly surprised.

Yes the grid looks tiny compared to SBK but at least Kawasaki (sorry Hayate) are fielding a bike. No one else has dropped out and the championship seems to be building to a head.

So. Rossi is having an up and down time, finally he's lost at Mugello but he's very much still in the running.

Casey is still the only guy who can ride the Ducati of death and frankly he's looking odds on favourite for the championship. Finally Ducati have admitted that there's a problem with the bike if only Stoner can ride it. I hope they sort it because I want to see Hayden ahead of the factory Hondas.

Pedrosa has killed his season. Shame, I didn't want to see him get hurt.

Lorenzo is coming into his own and challenging his team mate Rossi as I suspected would happen once he stopped high sideing himself into orbit. The kid is without any doubt a future world champion.

Which leaves Dovisioso as Honda's only hope. Not this year Dovi but I suspect next year is possible.

And how about Melandri on that Kawa... Hayate? I couldn't figure it out last year. Why the hell was he wobbling around at the back of the track? On his day he's as gifted as Rossi. I've been vindicated this year as he's shown what he can do with - let's face it - a lesser package like the Hayate. Melandri is the man I tells thee.

So three riders at the top of the board? Let's hope they fight all the way to the final race.

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