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This year promised to be the most exciting World Superbikes in years, maybe ever. New entries from BMW and Aprilia and a big grid promised much interest and then there were the names. Bayliss has gone but still we have Haga (can he finally take the title on the Ducati?), Biaggi (with the team that took him to glory in the old days), Nakano, hell even Hopper popped up in the series. And finally Ben Spies had a ride outside AMA! Is Spies really that good we asked? Plus the Brits arrived en masse.

Well we're at the halfway point and it's been living up to it's expectations.

Spies is the real deal. He arrives at tracks he's never seen before on a bike that's new this season and takes pole like he's been there a hundred times. It seems that if he doesn't bin it, he wins it.

Then there's Haga - he obviously feels that it's his year and he has the right ride with the Ducati. He's leading the championship after some superlative rides but after Miller Park I suspect that the tide has changed...

Fabrizio (who I never rated) seems to have discovered his mojo and is starting to look like the real deal. Maybe he'll keep that Factory Duc after all.

How about the Brits I hear you cry? Well Rea is obviously quick and Haslam is unbelievably good considering he's with an unproven privateer team; he must land a factory ride after this surely? Sykes has disappointed for some reason, I have no idea why. Byrne really should be doing better.

The RSV4 Aprilia looks amazing and Biaggi is putting on the podium, what a result for that team, look out for them next year!

The BMWs haven't had as good time of it but still they've done well considering how green they are. C'mon Corser we want to see you at the sharp end.

I wait with baited breath for the second half of the season.


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