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England are the first country to make the Rugby World Cup finals three times!

We put the Aussies out last week and today we put the French out. In Paris. In the semi finals. Again. Sweet, sweet joy.

Image of Andrew Sheridan saying hi to an Aussie

In fact we've put the French out three out of four times now.

Did anyone else notice that utterly dire commentators changed their tune - stopped harping on about how great the French are - when it became obvious that we were going to win?

Next week in the final I guess we'll be facing the South Africans. Down with the Boks! Swing low sweet chariot!

That age old thing between the English and the French, eh?
I worked for a Welshman for a few years. Did I hear about that at every opportunity!

Just wanted to amble on over and extend my greetings and well wishes, my friend. Same to you Clive!
Date Added: 18/10/2007

Oh yeah the Frog/Rosbif thing goes back a thousand years Irondad!

Lovely to see you over here Irondad, I always read your blog but I don't comment often, be assured you have an regular reader in me. ;)
Date Added: 20/10/2007

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