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Brno MotoGP Results
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Well as I suspected would happen Stoner shot off into the lead. No one was going to get past that guy and his Ducati. I really can't see Casey losing the championship now. The Ducati/Stoner/Bridgestone package is just too strong.

The only guy who could even keep the Aussie in sight was Hopkins and in sight is pretty relative when he finished 7 seconds behind the leader. But for a while he looked like he could stay with the leader. Fantastic ride from Hopkins and it was great for him to get his best ever finish so far but when is he going to get the win he so richly deserves?! It must come soon.

It was great to see Nicky Hayden get onto the podium again and I must say I laughed as he got past Pedrosa. I think he's proved a point to Mr Honda over the last few races (apart from his bad luck at Laguna). It was obvious from his post race interview that he's desperate to lead races again and I'm sure he will.

Rossi seventh? Oh dear. My heart sank watching Rossi battle with his tyres (and bike?) back down the field. I hope the Yam/Rossi package gets sorted out soon, I want to see the sublime Rossi of old again!

Nice rides from Vermuelen, De Puniet and Guintoli today.

I'm going to cry into my tea now. I miss seeing Rossi fighting to be at the front to much to get much joy from today. My greatest pleasure was seeing Hoppo ride so well. I shall be very interested to see how he goes on the Kwak next year.

Gooooo Hopo!

Nyeh, Rossi has had enough wins for the moment - it's time someone else had a go. And I'm glad it's Stoner and Ducati. Apparently Ducati have this to say on the matter: "We have 2 works bikes and 2 works assisted bikes. Stoner's has nothing the other 3 don't... Perhaps it's Casey that's making the difference."

Nuff said.
Date Added: 20/08/2007

I never said Casey wasn't the difference, it's been a shock how much faster he's been than Capirossi this season. The kid's good, very good. Add to that the fact that the Ducati's excellent this season and he's on the best tyres and you have a package no one can catch.

All I'm saying is I want to see Rossi up there fighting with him.
Date Added: 20/08/2007

What's with Bayliss? He can't seem to get a decent break at all, anymore!
Date Added: 24/08/2007

Sorry, wrong series! I'm suitably embarrassed.
Date Added: 24/08/2007

Hi Irondad, wrong series indeed. James Toseland has Bayliss outclassed! Huzzah for the Brit.
Date Added: 28/08/2007

Nice pic, Mad!
Date Added: 30/08/2007

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