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Brno MotoGP Qualifying
Full results here.

...and we're back! That seemed like a very long summer break. So what have we missed? Well the main news is Capirossi announcing his move to Suzuki next year. Seems Kwak didn't have the cash and only Zooki did. I hope he does well there but I'm told he's a point and squirt dude and the Suzuki's a corner speed machine. We'll see..

Right on with the qualifying. Stoner has the pole and I wouldn't be surprised if tomorrow's race follows the pattern of last years with the lead Ducati buggering off into the distance. I hope not as I like a good fight for the lead but the Duc with Stoner on it looks very good.

Second and third on the grid is the Repsol Honda boys. Nicky in second! Seems to be a Honda resurgence going on.

Rossi is way back in sixth and it's been suggested he doesn't want to be on the front row so he can avoid questions about the Italian tax scandal in the post qualifying interveiws?

In front of Rossi is Hopkins and De Puniet (go Hoppo!)

Hope it's a good race tomorrow.


Italian tax scandal? That has to be the best excuse for not being at the front...
Date Added: 19/08/2007

why the hell isnt Lisa Nova on?
Date Added: 02/12/2007

Lisa Nova? On what?
Date Added: 02/12/2007

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