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James Toseland moves to Tech 3
According to the BBC James Toseland has made his decision about moving to MotoGP and has accepted a ride with Tech 3 Yamaha. Apparently they'll be factory supported next year and not running on Dunlops. Great! I hope he does really well, the guy's a battler and will give it everything he's got. I'd love to see a Brit getting podiums in MotoGP.

From what I've seen he still seems to have some class, too! He would be a great representative for the Brits.
Date Added: 10/08/2007

You're quite right Irondad, he's a classy guy. We're very proud to have him representing us in WBK and we'll be just as proud of him in MotoGP.
Date Added: 10/08/2007

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