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The silly season is in full swing.
Hopkin's move to Kawasaki seems to have caused a flurry of moves and announcements.

After Laguna Seca Ducati has announced that Marco Melandri would be replacing Capirossi next season.

It's going to be really interesting to watch Marco on a Ducati, I suspect he'll be great.

So where will Capirossi go? Kawasaki or Suzuki seem to be his options, I'm hoping he goes to Kawaski.

With all the movement - assuming Capirex goes to Kwak - there's an empty Gresini Honda seat and an empty Suzuki seat.

Gotta love the silly season... ;)
Date Added: 25/07/2007

I'd love to see Biaggi back. That'll rattle a few cages and cause a bit of fun in the paddocks.

Shame it will never happen. :(
Date Added: 14/08/2007

Who knows Kar, he's done well in WBK this year, so it's not inconceivable that he could get another GP ride in time. I too would love to see that.
Date Added: 15/08/2007

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