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Laguna Seca MotoGP Results
Full results here.

Casey has broken the pole jinx. He was fastest in all the practice sessions, he was fastest in qualifying and he won the race easily from pole. Once he'd retaken the lead from Pedrosa - who nipped ahead from the start - it never looked like in any doubt.

Chris Vermulen made a gallant attempt to stay with the Ducati but in the end Casey was just too fast and he settled into a good second place, he's now ahead of Hopkins in the championship.

The injured Marco Melandri fought his way to third past Valentino Rossi, which has to be one of the gutsiest performances you'll ever see, badly injured he rode out of his skin. Although I'm sure Dr Costa deserves some recognition for the result too.

And Rossi... Well he got fourth; he didn't really set the world on fire. For the genius of MotoGP it was merely an OK performance. He needs to dig deeper somehow if he stands the faintest chance of keeping the championship in sight. Particularly he needs to start qualifying on the front grid consistently. I must admit that for a while I was hoping that the Bridgestone tyres were going to have a repeat of their fade at Sachsenring and I'm willing to bet Rossi hoped for the same. It was, however, not to be. The Bridgestones outperformed the Michelins.

Behind Rossi was Pedrosa in fifth; I suspect he wasn't a very happy chap after first Melandri on a satellite Honda and the Rossi got past him. To go from leading the race in lap one to fifth by the end must be somewhat demoralising.

I must say I had a good laugh at the green swarm of the Kawasaki’s in the mid field when they all came up to mug a struggling Edwards. They managed to get sixth (De Puniet), seventh (West) and tenth (Hayden). I've discovered that Roger Lee Hayden is the youngest brother of reigning champ Nicky Hayden and I think he put in good result for his first ever MotoGP race.

The new Brit chap Chaz Davies riding the second d'Antin Ducati got a big cheer from us every time he was mentioned or shown on the TV. I think he did great just to finish the race and put in some good lap times considering he's only raced on 600cc supersports before! Go Chaz!

So what of Hopkins and Hayden, both of whom were expected to do well here? Sadly they collided on turn one of the first lap. Hopkins was knocked off and even though he managed to get back on the circuit with a repaired bike, he was a good two laps behind the leaders. Hayden stayed on but the contact knackered his clutch and forced him to retire later in the race. I am so gutted for Hopkins; this really could have been a chance for a win. Sadly it just wasn't meant to be.

The worst bit of news is that now we have the mid season break... what am I going to blog about?


Now this may sound very Pro Rossi but..........

It kinda feels like Bridgestone won didn't it?? nowt to do with Rossi or TPD they just couldn't do anything against the Bridgestone boys.

Also if I was Casey Stoner I wouldn't want the break now........

Give everyone else 4 weeks to try to catch us up?? no thanks.

Looks like Westy is improving every race now - does he have any chance of a Kwak ride next year do you think BBM??

Date Added: 22/07/2007

Will Westy retain his seat? Hmm tough to call Mav, I certainly think he's done enough so far to keep it and with Kwak going to a three bike set up the odds are definitely improved for him. I'd guess a Hopkins/De Puniet/West team next year but it is exactly that, a guess.
Date Added: 23/07/2007

Gone Away
I just wish I'd seen it. Love watching cars or bikes stream down through that Corkscrew. But happy that Stoner won, anyway...
Date Added: 23/07/2007

The corkscrew on a bike! Surely that must be the scariest set of corners in the MotoGP calendar. Watching on-board footage of the riders chucking the bike from side to side as they scream down the hill is something else Dad!
Date Added: 23/07/2007

Mr M Ging
Im getting fed up of these tyre races. Especially the ones where the Michelins fall apart every time.
If the Michelin riders were on a competitive package, it would be a far more interesting season. Michelin need to do something like yesterday.
Im dumping my Pilot Powers.
Date Added: 23/07/2007

What you couldn't see from the TV coverage was how much better-run the event was this year. This was my third trip to MotoGP at Laguna (I went to the Laguna World Superbike event four times before that too) and it seems that this year they finally got it right. It was a shame that the race was a bit processiona, and I agree with Mr M Ging that the tyre discrepancy is starting to get a bit tedious. The control tyre rule worked well for World Superbikel...
Date Added: 24/07/2007

Mr Marvo (46) Ging
Thank you Neil
Ive just come across this transcript of Rossi's post race interview, taken outside his motorhome. Makes interesting reading esp in light of what we've been saying.
Date Added: 24/07/2007

I'm deeply jealous Neil, I'd love to go to Laguna Seca. Oh and it's lovely to see you over here I really enjoy your blog (which reminds me I must blogroll you).

I think you're both right (and Rossi seems to be saying the same thing in that interview) a control tyre would be a good thing. It is working for World SuperBikes and F1 so why not MotoGP? I seem to have been writing about tyres a lot this season and frankly I'd rather not. I want to write about riders and teams.
Date Added: 25/07/2007

Pedrosa blames Michelin too.
Date Added: 25/07/2007

I just hope Michelin get it sorted during the mid summer break because if they aren't competitive with Bridgestone by the time the come back then the season is lost for Rossi.
Date Added: 27/07/2007

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