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Laguna Seca MotoGP Qualifying
Full results here.

I haven't read the full report yet (because it's not up on but we can see the results and make a few deductions and ask a few questions.

Go have a look at the listings. See anything odd? I do, there are three Kawasaki times listed! The Kwaks have gone to three bikes, with a chap called Roger Lee Hayden (that will confuse things, another Yankee called Hayden). I knew that Kwak were thinking about going to a three bike set up (as are Suzuki) but I'm surprised to see it happening already. I shall have to research this Hayden fellow and report back on him in a later post.

The top results seem to be a pretty even mix of Michelin and Bridgestone. The number one spot going to a Bridgestone shod Casey Stoner setting a new circuit record of 1'22.292. Very impressive, it seems the Seca suits him and the Ducati like the Sachsenring did in qualifying last week. Next to him is the Michelin shod Honda of Dani Pedrosa who's set a time a second inside his lap record of last year. Damn those 800s are quick.

Third on the grid is the Suzuki of Vermuelen (did it rain or something?). That for me is the biggest surprise of the results.

On the next row is Hayden, we all knew he'd qualify well here, it is his home circuit after all. Next to him is Rossi, hopefully with a higher place this year he won't fry his tyres climbing the field like he did last year.

The last spot on the second row is taken by a (hopefully) resurgent Loris Capirossi.

Next row is Hopkins (I was hoping he'd do better in qualifying here), Edwards and Nakano. I'm pleased to see Nakano a bit higher than he has been so far this year (what's the betting he's looking across at that third Kawasaki longingly?)

The fourth row is Melandri (who had a bad off in practice), Tamada (best qualifying position for a Tech 3 this year?) and West.

Next row is De Puniet, Guintoli and Checa

Sixth row contains the new Hayden, Barros and Kurtis Roberts.

Bringing up the rear is Miguel Duhamel on a Gresini Honda (what happened to Fabrizio?)and Chaz Davies (a pom!) on the second d'Antin


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