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Sachsenring MotoGP results
Full results here.

The jinx remains intact.
Still no one can win from pole position.

Number two seems to be the spot to have, just ask Pedrosa. The Spaniard got a good start into first position and that's where he stayed for the whole race. It was a repeat of last year's British GP with Pedrosa so far ahead by the half way point that it was obvious that no would be able to catch him. The little guy seemed choked up in the post race interview; I think he's wanted this badly for quite a while.

Again this race was a tale of two tyres. The Bridgestone/Michelin battle continues. Today saw the Michelins gain ascendance in the very hot Sachsenring conditions. The Bridgestones started well but later in the race they lost most of their runners positions with the exception of Capirossi (who says he chose a totally different tyre to team mate Stoner). He took a fantastic second place; I bet he's relieved.

Stoner had been sat in second with Melandri in third and Hopkins in fifth but as their respective tyres went off they dropped down into a lame duck group in fifth, sixth and seventh respectively.

The real story of the race for me was Hayden and Edward's rides. They started way back and worked their way up the field helped, it has to be admitted, by the misfortune of the Bridgestone runners. Even considering the tyre issue Hayden going from fourteenth to third and Edwards from thirteenth to fourth is some achievement; a good day for the Americans. It really is nice to see both of them doing well.

And Rossi? Oh dear. You could see it all too clearly; he wanted a repeat of Assen, the glory of the chase up the field all the way to the front. He started his scythe up the field only to find Randy De Puniet was holding him up and in desperation, fearing the leaders were slipping away, he just tried a little too hard; the front folded and off he slid. I can only imagine his chagrin as the race unfolded and Stoner's Ducati began to go backwards. If he'd been a little more patient and stayed on it is almost certain that he'd have got ahead of his rival. Still, he must be deeply relieved that Casey could only manage fifth.

Finally mighty Honda is getting it right, the Repsol bikes looked very fast in a straight line and are still very nimble little machines. They are becoming the complete package again. The Gresini Honda was also visibly benefiting from the new modifications that have trickled down to Melandri's bike.

The Kawasaki’s looked good but I suspect their front end isn't quite right, they seemed to suffer going into the corners but accelerated very well coming out of them, let’s hope Hopkins has made the right decision going to them next season. Interestingly one of the Kwaks ran out of fuel after the finish line. That’s three teams now that seem to have the race distance fuelling down pat. Honda, Ducati and Kawasaki.


As ever, a great read but it's "Sachsenring", dude.

*Pendantic Kraut Mode Off* ;-)
Date Added: 15/07/2007

Hmmm, methinks some editing has occurred - that Sachsenring looks fine to me. ;)

Oh well, Stoner still adds to his lead over Rossi. And I see West brought the Kwaka home in eighth - not bad considering he was on Bridgestones.
Date Added: 15/07/2007

Cheers Kar.

Kar means in the title Dad and he's right I did mispell it there, I'll edit it later.

Yeah West did OK it's just the cameras did show much of him.
Date Added: 16/07/2007

It would be nice (and better for the teams in way of sponsorship I would imagine) if they could show the rest of the riders? even if it was a split screen or whatever.

Would getting TV time attract money to the smaller teams?

I can only think it would - or to put it another way, I have no idea who sponsor team Roberts.

I managed to miss everything from just before Rossi binned it as I had a family thing to go to grrr

Top write up again BBM

Date Added: 16/07/2007

The first few races of the season literally only televised what was happening with the top four front runners Mav and it was very noticeable that the smaller teams were struggling for sponsorship money. Ilmor was forced to drop out and the KR team came very close to going the same way. The organisers promised to get broader televising during races and to be fair to Dorna I think it has improved. I can't remember who sponsors KR but at least I know what colour their bikes are now.

It's been very hard for MotoGP to be weaned off tobacco advertising.
Date Added: 16/07/2007

I am getting tired of being Heckled by my 2 year old because the Kwaks are not as quick as Rossi!
Date Added: 18/07/2007

Rossi fans start very young Mav, get your two year old a 46 cap and be done with it. ;)
Date Added: 18/07/2007

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