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Assen MotoGP Results
Full results here.

As ever Assen produced a great race. That's such a fast circuit for bikes it's actually scary to watch at times.

There were two particularly strong performances in my books. The first was Hayden's charge up the field all the way to third. The way he went round the outside of the field at the first corner of the race was exceptional. As he says he has nothing to lose so he just "rolled the dice."

As good as Hayden's climb up the field was it pales in comparison to Rossi's charge. Poor old Hopkins had been sat in second chasing Stoner in first for all he was worth when suddenly Rossi's there, diving inside of his line. Hopkins as ever rode the wheels of his Suzuki but the two Repsol Hondas eventually pushed him down the fifth place.

As Rossi chased Stoner down and then tried to get past him I felt the season hung in the balance. I must admit for a second my faith in the genius of Rossi faltered, he seemed almost to have nothing up his sleeve. If he couldn't get past Casey then I felt it would almost certainly be Stoner's championship but then with three laps left he made the most beautiful pass of the race. Casey then seemed to sit and back content with second. I'm not saying that it won't be Stoner's championship but if Rossi couldn't get by then the Australian's only real competition would have been broken.

It was great to see Rossi win, proving again his amazing ability on a bike. I must say that Stoner's riding this season is almost faultless; he is amazing with his maturity and smooth lines.

Shame about De Puniet taking Vermeulen out, I think he was over committed on that corner and he hadn't quite won the line. Bad end to good grid places for both of them.

I thought Westy did well; he was involved in a huge battle with Melandri and Hoffman and gave as good as he got.

Great to see Hayden on the podium, if anyone needed a result it was Hayden and finally it happened and he must be happy he beat Pedrosa. Who's wearing the number 1 Danni eh?

Well I hope we see more Rossi wins over the next half of the season but whatever happens I suspect we'll see lots more Stoner v Rossi battles!


Hoo hoo baby! Racing in the natural progression. :-)
Date Added: 30/06/2007

Nice one Mad.
I dont know, is it possible that the Ducati pit crew were able to turn Stoners power down a bit in the last few laps to save fuel (esp as Rossi was pushing hin so hard) because he ran out of fuel as soon as he crossed the line. Maybe that gave Rosssi the chance he needed to get by and gap him in the last few laps. Maybe this is a factor of the Ducati and a price to pay for the extra power. Surely only so much energy can be extracted from a tank of fuel. Maybe this is a factor we should consider in future Rossi/Stoner battles.

Date Added: 30/06/2007

Sounds like a great race and I'm glad Rossi won. As you say, it keeps the championship alive.

Just let us have some of that rain to liven up the French GP. Yes, that's f1... :D
Date Added: 30/06/2007

Top read as ever chap.

I do hope that the Tyre guys sort it out.
Date Added: 30/06/2007

Cheers guys, thanks for swinging by and commenting.

It's funny you mention Stoner's Ducati running out of fuel after the race ended MarvoGing I was thinking about doing a post on the very subject. It's interesting and it says something about how finely Ducati are judging fuel consumption versus power output.
Date Added: 30/06/2007

Colin Chapman always said that the perfect racing car would be one that broke down as it crossed the finishing line...
Date Added: 08/07/2007

Nicky made an interesting comment during a pre-race interview. He said Honda admitted that his bike wasn't designed for him. Did the engineers make changes that suited him better? Or did they just tell him that it was changed to boost his confidence level?

Date Added: 10/07/2007

The factory Honda's had a new chassis at Assen Irondad, or so they say. Presumably this is why Hayden did much better.

It's been a persistent rumour this season that the Repsol Honda was built around Pedrosa, I don't know if it's true but it sure looks that way.
Date Added: 10/07/2007

"Colin Chapman always said that the perfect racing car would be one that broke down as it crossed the finishing line..."

And Ducati seem to have figured out how to get the perfect balance of power versus fuel consumption. Surely the perfect GP bike would cross the line, break down, run out of fuel and have its tyres disintegrate seconds later. Bit scary for the rider though... :p
Date Added: 10/07/2007

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