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New Kawasaki rider
So who is this West fellow who looked so fast on the Kwaker at Donny?

I've done a little bit of research but there doesn't seem to be much about him on the web. He has had a pretty meteoric rise this year. At the start of the season he was in 250s then he went to the Yamaha team in World Supersport as a replacement for Kevin Curtain and now of course he's landed Olivier Jacque's Kawasaki ride. Oh and he's another Aussie known for his speed in the wet.

Wiki has a page on West, it's hardly comprehensive though. I can't find a home site for the guy so far... maybe I should offer to build him one. :p


Everyone needs a page these days - make the offer.

As you say, info on West is a bit thin on the ground. The Autosport report that I read made it sound as though he was something pretty special, however.
Date Added: 27/06/2007

I'm not sure I have the time on my hands right now. It'd be nice to have it on the CV though...
Date Added: 27/06/2007

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i'm not sure I have the time on my hands right now.
Date Added: 15/03/2018

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