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British MotoGP qualifying
Full results here.

Edwards on pole shocker! Still, best to not get too exited since pole position seems to be the kiss of death this year and Edwards pole at Le Mans led to disaster. Qualifying was very wet which must worry Edwards after his last wet race debacle.

Rossi is second on the grid which bodes well for him as he loves and knows Donington so well but snapping at his heels is that pesky Pedrosa. Pedrosa took of like a rocket here last year and no one could catch him. Yes, I know the 800 Honda this year isn't as all conquering as last year's but Hayden in fourth might indicate that, finally, Honda are coming good.

Behind Hayden is Stoner, then Hopkins. Hopkins came off in qualifying, thankfully nothing serious he over-ran a corner and had to roll through the gravel (Baros and Elias had similar incidents).

Should be great tomorrow, I hope it doesn't rain.

Looks like being a Rossi benefit race. Donington is too tight for the Ducatis to shine and who else can beat the man?
Date Added: 24/06/2007

Ducati proved you wrong Dad... as did Edwards and Vermulen. ;)
Date Added: 24/06/2007

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