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Sold down the river
So it turns out that our government has secretly signed an EU agreement to implement road pricing (which probably means using the stupidly over priced and, as yet, not working Gallileo satellite system). So much for democracy. So sad that a mere 60 years after we saved democracy in Europe that we should sell our birthright to the vision of a federal Europe.

Any act done in secrecy is done that way for a reason. I wonder how much money was involved...?
Date Added: 22/06/2007

eleventy billion
Date Added: 23/06/2007

It should be illegal for any democracy to make agreements without announcing it, but of course since the government would have to make that law it won't ever happen.
Date Added: 23/06/2007

You hit the nail on the head Janus.
Date Added: 23/06/2007

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