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I think I'm getting worse at this "blog" thing. What have I been up to? I've booked broadband for myself and my Dad through Freedom2Surf. Mine goes live on the 12th March (woohoo! I've missed ADSL so much) and my Dad's will take about two weeks. They're the best ADSL providers it seems to me. My Dad and I had a wander round PC World to get him an ADSL Modem router. They had none of the right kind so we went to the "Bargains" shelf and lo and behold there was a Belkin ADSL modem 4 port router wireless access point with a firewall going cheap as it had no box! Then I spotted a "Audigy 2" sound card also going cheap as it had no box/drivers. Two bargains both of which my Dad needed. I was bought a book for my help. "The Web Professional's Handbook" Published by my favourite publishers Glasshaus. I'll let you know how it turns out...

Turns out the Microsoft employee did it.
Date Added: 03/11/2005

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