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MotoGP Mugello Results
First off sorry I didn't post qualifying times this weekend it snuck up on me somehow. The full race results are here. I love Mugello, last year's race was great with some real fairing bashing, place swapping racing. This year's race was no let down either. The sight of Rossi hacking his way up the field like a knife through butter is one of those defining MotoGP experiences. His ability to come up through the pack truly defines him as one of the all time greats. He started third but had a poor start that pushed him down the field. From there Hopkins and Rossi had a huge battle as they both climbed the field. Capirossi had a great start that briefly saw a Ducati one - two at the front of the race but later on he slipped back down the field. The suprise of the day must be Baros on the D'Antin Ducati mugging Stoner on the works Ducati for third place with four laps to go. His quote must be quote of the day "I hope Ducati aren't too pissed at me!" Pootle and I were cheering like crazy to see a D'Anti sneak onto the podium. Hopkins rode the wheels of his Suzuki, as always, and he ended up in fifth, his Suzuki was unable to match the straight line speed of the two Ducati's ahead of him. One of the interesting things was two Michelin shod bikes getting first and second, it looks like the high track temperatures suited them more than the Bridgestones. Maybe we shall see a resurgence of the Michelins?

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